Friday, August 14, 2009

HairDo: Gibson Girl

I have had a request! Yeah! I'm not jut talking to myself like a crazy person, someone actually reads all my craziness (OK, I actually know that already because I have had a few very appreciated comments). So, Following my HairDo: 18th Century Pouf post, I received a request for some help in doing one's hair in the style worn by women in Road to Avonlea (1989).

Felicity King and Sara Stanley, Road to Avonlea (1989)

For those of you who do not know the series, it is set in Prince Edward Island in the early 1900's, also known as the Edwardian Era.

Gibson Girl, Drawing by Charles Dana Gibson

The beauty icon of the Edwardian era is of course the Gibson Girl (and by this, one does not mean a girl named Miss Gibson, but the girls illustrated by Charles Dana Gibson; look it up).

Alas, I have found no tutorial videos for this hair style (that I was satisfied with, I should add), but I do have a favorite web page (you didn't think I'd let you down, now did you?).

Introducing In Timely Fashion - Crowning Glory Period Hairstyles: under the Edwardian icon, they present well explained, photo accompanied tutorials for four hairstyles of the time: the Edwardian Twist, the Gibson Braids (my personal favorite - I've often done my hair this way for Christmas parties), the Gibson Pompadour and a Variation on the Pompadour using Rats (hair styling accessories, not rodents). The Pompadour* is the hairstyle most associated with Edwardian times.

*At the time, women used Hair Frames called Transformation, also referred to as Pompadour, to get that perfect elaborate hairstyle.

Gibson Girls at the Beach, Drawing by Charles Dana Gibson

Have you noticed? The Gibson Girl hairdo is perfect to go with a 1890 - 1900 bathing suit, for say, a day at the beach?


  1. ouiiiiiiiiiii , une bonne raison de faire le costume enfin , je vais pouvoir faire la coiffure qui va avec.

  2. Lequel des costumes? De bain ou des Contes d'Avonlea? Si tu veux, encore une fois, on peut tester les coiffures sur ta tête un de ces quatres!

  3. Les contes d'Avonlea !!!!

    J'adore ça !

  4. Bon, ben est-ce qu'on se part un groupe de Cosplay des "Contes d'Avonlea"?

  5. Just what I was looking for - the Gibson Pompadour - but the link doesn't work! GRRRR