Sunday, January 8, 2012

Toddler Wonder Woman

My first costume of the year is complete! It is a Wonder Woman dress for my 3 1/2 years old Godsdaughter who loves that Super Hero (and Marvel Super Heroes in general). Of course, that would be a lot more impressive if it wasn't in fact a month late; you see, I meant to have it ready early in December to have it mailed to her in time to be worn for the Holidays, but no matter. I gave it to her in person tonight and she was really happy. "What is it sweetie?" "Mine!"

Wonder Woman Toddler Dress

I used pattern Simplicity 7120, but without any collar and only one layer of skirt. As for fabric, the gold star patterned blue satin was bought after Halloween specifically for this project; the bodice and sleeves are made of red glitterdot leftover from an Elvis costume my mom made my brother years ago; the gold glitterdot used for the "W" sign and the sleeves cuffs is leftover from my first Irish Dancing solo dress. The bodice is fused with black interfacing to make it a little stiffer - glitterdot fabric is so flimsy. The bodice and sleeves are lined with red polyester lining.

Wonder Woman Toddler Headband

On each of the sleeve's cuffs, I tacked an embroidered red star as a reminder of the wrist cuffs Wonder Woman wears. I used a third embroidered red star which I glued (with E-6000 glue) on a thin gold headband (bought at the dollar store). This is in lieu of her gold crown.

I did not (yet) get a picture of my Godsdaughter in her dress, but I did try it on my daughter to make sure it would fit (they are currently the same size). Besides, I couldn't not to - when she saw the dress and I said it wasn't for her, she asked in the most pitiful voice "but what about me?".

Wonder Woman Toddler - Front

Wonder Woman Toddler - Back

(I hope no one gets jealous over this.)

Now the best thing is, and I learned this after the dress was given, is that my Godsdaughter's parents had already planned to have a "Super Hero Tea Party" for her up-coming birthday, so this outfit will be perfect for her. I wish we could go. The girls get along so splendidly, but a Montréal-Toronto drive is not an easy thing. We'll see! (Should we go, I imagine I would need to make my daughter a Super Hero costume of some sort; better start thinking about it.)


  1. So cute! My 4yr old daughter, Guinevere would love this!

  2. That is the most adorable costume I've ever seen!! I love so much.