Friday, July 29, 2011

Toadette's dress fabric

Today, I went back to Fabricville to find a better fabric for my daughter's Toadette dress. First, remember the cotton twill I had gotten Monday that looked too red?

Mushroom hat fabric at top, deep pink cotton twill at bottom

This time, I brought the spandex fabric with me and played a game of "does this match" with my daughter by comparing it to every pink fabric I could find (she compared it to other colours too - yellow, green - she thought it was a really fun game). I was about to give up when we spotted a short sleeved jacket on a mannequin, made of silk noile. Off we went looking for the silk noile table and lo, we found a decent match!

Mushroom hat fabric next to dress' silk noile

Ok, so it looks very different with the flash, but that's because these two fabrics don't reflect light the same way. I truth, the silk noile is a little darker, but at least it is of thesame hue so I am happy with it.

Of course, I did have some reservations about dressing my daughter in silk - she gets dirty so easily. The silk noile was on sale at 3 metres for the price of 1 (18.99$) and I only needed 1 metre so I asked the nice sales lady who is also going to Otakuthon if I could get my metre 1/3 of the price. She couldn't, but then she explained in whispers that due to the special, if I took less than a metre, say 95 cm, she could give it to me for 1/3 of the price. Ok then, a silk noile dress for 6.02$. That is awesome!

And now on to cutting. Last night I drew my pattern, and now it is time for pins and scissors to come out!

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