Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Wishlist: Morgan Le Fey's Teal and Red Chiton

As you might imagine from all I tell you about myself, I love the Arthurian Legends. I also love TV series and movies on the subject. One of these was the 1998 Mini-series Merlin staring Sam Neill. Although the costumes were not even close to accurate, the craziest ones went to super natural creatures so it made it somewhat okay. The one I truly loved was Morgana’s Chiton. Frik creates the illusion of her beauty and he dresses her up in the fashion of his youth.

Helena Bonham Carter as Morgan Le Fey, Merlin (1998)

Of course, as with most historical dresses in Hollywood (or should I say unfitted historical dresses), it is not actually cut as a chiton would, but it is still a lovely dress.

Sam Neill as Merlin and Helena Bonham Carter as Morgan Le Fey, Merlin (1998)

I would make my version as two rectangles of blue taffeta bag lined in red taffeta, sew it up the sides and add gold buttons and loop at the shoulder. Sure, taffeta is hot, but I feel it would achieve the right look. Also, by bag lining both rectangles, I get a two colour, reversible chiton. Imagine that, a two for one! (Hmmm, maybe I should market that for the SCA...),

Add jewellery, a gold belt, some gladiator sandals and a curled updo and your ready to party with Queen Mab and the rest of Avalon!


  1. I read the 80s Merlin books, they weren't so good. If you're looking for a series the '08s Merlin staring Morgan Collin is very good.

  2. I love this movie ! I am anxious to see the result of this one ! :D