Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Worst Costumed Job Ever : Sidewalk Bunny

Next Sunday is Easter. If you hadn’t guessed that it was coming by the incredible quantity of boxed chocolate sculptures at the grocery store and other commerce, you will when you see this character on the sidewalk:

Sidewalk Bunny

Yes people, it is the Easter bunny! Look how he (or she, I can't really tell) waves at passing cars, inviting you in to the store to buy your chocolates!

Seriously, I love costumes and wearing them, but this I would never do. A mascot looks cool, but a teen or adult dressed in a shapeless bunny suit just looks wrong. Sometimes, a costume that looks cute on a kid can be inappropriate for a grown-up.

It is my personal opinion, but it has got to be one of the worst (costumed) jobs ever. It’s barely above the clown clad person inviting people in to new businesses (because the clown usually has to wear make-up in addition to the colourful frilly outfit).
I always feel sorry for the poor bloke.

Note: I meant to snatch a picture of one with my phone, but the battery was dead. The picture presented in this post comes from here and is used only to illustrate the subject of said post. I liked this one because you can't see the person face, so they can keep their anonymity.


  1. Could be worse. Did you see the episode of Ugly Betty were Betty tried out NY's worst jobs, included dressing up as a sausage and bun (separately)?

  2. No I didn't but I'll look into it. Thanks!