Thursday, March 25, 2010

Project: 18th century Sack-Back Dress

Remember when I talked of wanting a Robe à la Française? (See Wednesday Weekly Wishlist: Robe à la Française posted on February 10, 2010) Well, the other day, I was at Fabricville and I found the perfect fabric, completely by accident; no, it is not the silk I have dreamed of, but at 5$ a metre, it will do most grandiosely.

It is a blue gray floqué taffeta with a somewhat floral rococo velvet motif which are slightly more sea foam.

Using the pattern from La Couturière Parisienne (How to make a Contouche), the 10 metres I got will be enough for the dress with the back Watteau pleats and skirt.

My only question now is what to do for trims. I still have to ponder on that.

So I don' know when I'll get to it, but I just had to share my fabric find with you.had

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