Sunday, February 14, 2010

Costume Book Review: Authentic Victorian Dressmaking Techniques

It's time for another Costume Book Review. Today, I will tell you about Authentic Victorian Dressmaking Techniques (this is another book I got last Christmas).

Authentic Victorian Dressmaking Techniques, edited by Kristina Harris

This book in an unabridged republication of an original 1905 work titled Dressmaking, Up to Date, published by the Butterick Publishing Company. It was meant for the home seamstress to learn basic skills. Although we always think that all girls of those times were taught to sew and embroider, it was apparently not always the case. With descriptions and picture, the book teraches hand sewing in a way that is still useful to know today. Perfect! I keep saying I need to learn to hand sew, now I have the perfect guide!

Once you are equiped with these skills, you might want to practice! Authentic Victorian Dressmaking Techniques proposes many projects that are once again well explained and illustrated. You might want to make basic pieces, such as a blouse, a skirt, a jacket or tea gown. You can also find patterns and instructions on how to make maternity wear or children's clothes.

One note thought: the title may mention Victorian times, but as this book first came out in 1905, right in the middle of the Edwardian Era, the patterns included reflect the trends at the time it was first published, so don't expect any ball or bustled gown.

Would you like to consult it before buying it? Guess what I found for you on Google Books:

Okay, so it's only a few pages, but still. Enjoy your reading!

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