Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Infamous Stash

I'm starting Spring Cleaning early: today I am cleaning and reorganizing my stash of fabric. Actually, I began this process in November, but now I'm kicking myself in the behind to finish it. We need the family room back. The funny thing is, by now I've emptied all the bins and the bags I had stored away and I know I am missing stuff. I wonder where it all went. Oh well...

Nancy-Raven saw my collection of fabrics last week when she came over and she said it was like going through Ali Baba's treasure cave. So for you my faithful readers, here is my wealth in brocade, jacquard, satin, tweed, organza and printed cotton.

First, I made a pile of all the fabrics that I had never used, or that I had enough left to make something else out of it.

Gwenyver's Stash of Fabrics

Go on, ask me, I can tell you what each is for. I even have some for regular street clothes, believe it or not!

Next, there are the leftovers (I am incapable of throwing away anything - you never know when something will come in handy).

Gwenyver's Stash of Leftovers

On the left is the pile of shapeless pieces. Sometimes there is a big enough square left for crafting, but not always. This is basically all the cutouts I didn't throw away and I accumulated over the years instead.

On the right is the pile of coupons. Bigger pieces which have more chance of being reused.

So now I will be putting away all my fabrics, classifying them by types, in Rubbermaid bins (I have 13 of them), which I will identify to make looking for a fabric easier. Hurray for organization.

Tomorrow, I will attack the two leftover piles. Maybe I can cut the cutouts down a bit (pun intended.

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