Monday, October 26, 2009

Movie Monday: Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope

I know, Star Wars is nothing new, especially A New Hope (1977), but we watched it last night, and as Halloween is coming, I thought it was worth mentioning. After all, you are bound to se a few Jedi and a couple Princess Leias at any Halloween Party. They have become iconic and an important part of our Pop culture.

Now, if you were old enough to go see the movie when it originally came out, this is probably the movie trailer you saw:

Me, I wasn't event a glimmer in my parent's eyes. I saw the three original Star Wars much later, when the local TV station showed them (in French, with adds).

But I do like the costume!

My friend Princess Jedi has a lovely Leia Senatorial costume, complete with hair buns:

Princess Jedi as Princess Leia Organa

As for the Ceremonial gown she wears at the end, I love Sister Sola's recreation of it:

Sister Sola's Princess Leia's Ceremonial Gown
(Photo by Studios)

That last one I would love to make myself.

That movie also introduced us to the famous Jedi Knight uniform: the beige tunic and brown robe worn by Obi-Wan are now famous.

Tionniel as a Jedi Knight

Lastly, one costume less seen on trick-or-treaters but very popular with the Convention Geeks (and I am proud to consider myself one of them) is the Rebel Pilot:

Luc Skywalker as Rebel Pilot

Looking to make a Star Wars costume? Your first stop has to be The Padawan's Guide. It is the best place to research your costume and there is quite a lot of eye candy (i.e. many, many pictures!).

That's where I went when I was preparing to make the costume I will present to you... tomorrow. (What, you can't get everything in one day! I have to build a little suspense, sometimes, don't I?)

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