Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fashion Forward: Futuristic looks from the 1930's

I've always loved the Horizon ride at Epcot Center (Walt Disney World): it showed a utopian vision of the future in all it's technological glory. I do love to re-visit an era's vision of the future (think Back to the Future Part II), I think it tells us more about that era than the concepters originally imagined.

I have here a video of what a group of American Fashion Designers from the 1930's thought the modern woman of the year 2000 would wear. Some of the comments are actually dead-on: "transparent net" (net was all the rage on the catwalks in 2001/2002), "skirts will disappear entirely" (ok, they haven't really disappeared, but a lot of us girls wear pants most of the time for practical reasons), "atmosphere scientifically kept to the right temperature" (pretty much true, we have central heating systems and air conditioning), "fitted with telephone, radio,..." (Cell Phones, iPods,...). Crazy, right?

Ok, sure most of these look more like Sci-Fi costumes, the man even looks like an original Star Trek (1966) alien, but I find all this fascinating.


  1. Haha, certaines idées sont belles mais le suit d'homme est vraiment atroce XD

  2. Bien d'accord. Il me fait plus penser a un Klingon version Star Trek Original.