Sunday, August 16, 2009

Buffy's 18th Century Halloween Costume

I recently learned, through l'Alliance Impériale, that there is another event coming up in Montréal with costuming possibilities, the Montreal Comic-Con (it's nothing like San Diego, but give it time to grow). Naturally, the first thing I thought was: "What shall I wear?" And the answer I arrived to while pondering on that question one night was a Super Hero costume of course! Now, I've already stated my position on spandex for me, but it just so happens that I have an almost completed Buffy costume. "A Buffy costume?" I hear you think. Bare with me.

Last year, when I was still making the costumes for the Fantasia Theatre Troupe (I made the costumes for their production
Le Tzigane au Croissant d'Or), they convinced me to appear on-stage as an extra during the Ball scene. An occasion to make a new 18th century dress? How could I refuse! I looked around on the Internet for some inspiration on colour combinations when I suddenly remembered a Halloween Buffy episode (Season 2, Episode 6, Halloween) when Buffy wears this gorgeous Ball Gown, to supposedly look like the noble women from the time when Angel was young (there's a crinoline instead of panniers, which makes no sense to me).

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2, Episode 6, Halloween

I managed to find some fabric in the right colours on sale (of course it is a raspberry imitation Shantung and pink Satin, all of it 100% polyester, so it is hot and it doesn't breath, but one must make some sacrifices for the right look), so the dress was a go.

Gwenyver as Baronne Isabelle de Beaumarchais, Le Tzigane au Croissant d'Or, May 2008

As this was all done at the last minute (the night before, when else!), there are a few things that need adjusting. The main thing is the bodice: I had then asked my Sweetheart to adjust it on me, but it really isn't his forte, so as you can tell on from the following picture, it pulls weirdly. That means ripping out the bodice lining, getting my mom to do the adjustments and then hoping I don't have to take the entire dress apart.

A close-up of Gwenyver as Baronne Isabelle de Beaumarchais, Le Tzigane au Croissant d'Or, May 2008

Then all that will be left for me to do is add the trim, bows and roses which I already have, I've just never taken the time to properly finish the dress.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2, Episode 6, Halloween

I do own a long brown-haired wig, to wear with my Arwen costumes, so I could go as Buffy under the spell. All I'd be missing the proper necklace.

Of course, this is only a back-up plan, in case I can't afford or find the time to make my other project... (which you will learn about next Wednesday on Wednesday Weekly Wishlist - stay tuned!)


  1. This is gorgeous :) I absolutely love it, you did such a great job :D.
    I want my own Buffy dress, and I was just wondering, how much did the whole thing cost?

    Gabby x

  2. To be quite honest, I am not sure. It was some time ago, but knowing me, everything was most likely on sale. I once figured out that on average, my moderately elaborate costumes cost about 150$ in material (just don't tell anyone). If time was factored, I would say this dress was around 400$, and that is because it is not (yet) complete. I still have trim to add one day, soon hopefully.

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