Thursday, July 23, 2009

Costumes in Fashion: Plush toys make great clothes

Now who has not yet seen Lady GaGa's Kermit the Frog Dress/Shawl/Coat (no one seems to know what it really is). Don't know what I'm talking about? See for yourself:

(Picture from the Mail Online -

Some of them look like the eyes are dead! A little freaky. And my sweetheart accused me of wearing a coat made of Teddybear skin a few years back, saying it would traumatise children (you know the style, ultrasuede outer layer with acrylic fur lining). Getting back to the topic, we can thank designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac for that one (the Kermit thing, not my winter coat), as well as the muppet skirt she was sporting a few days before that.

(Photo from

Raise your hand if you are reminded of another singer who showed up wearing a stuffed-animal dress, at the Academy Awards, no less? You know the one I'm talking about:

(Photo from Marie Claire)

People can say what they want, I still think that dress was awesome. A tad bit strange for a red carpet, true, but heck, we still talk about it! Wasn't that the point? If I had to dance in a modern version of Swan Lake, that's what I would want to wear!

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