Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I'm going to Costume Con and I need to pack in my trunk... / Je m'en vais à Costume Con et je mets dans ma valise...

(La version Française se trouve plus bas.)
Costume Con 32 is in a month! That is pretty much all I think about these days. While I try to finish as many of the projects I set out to make for this event (at this point it will be 2, maybe 3 of the ones I had planned), I ponder as to what other costumes I should pack. Being me, I just can’t make up my mind. I have made a list, which is of course much too long, and I am hoping for some input.

As I have never been to Costume Con before, I don’t know what dress code to follow throughout the day (other than “costume”). Do people dress up for breakfast? Do they change for the evening? Should I plan something different if I get invited to a room party? Am I over thinking this? (Probably!)

But back to the list; which four costumes should I take with me?

Costume Con 32 est dans un mois! C’est pas mal la seule chose à laquelle je pense ces jours-ci. Tandis que j’essaie de finir le maximum des projets que j’avais prévu pour cet évènement (à ce point ici, ce ne sera que deux, peut-être trois de ceux que j’avais planifié), je commence à me demander quels autres costumes j’emporterai avec moi. Étant fidèle à moi-même, je n’arrive tout simplement pas à me décider. Je me suis fais une liste, qui est bien entendu trop longue, et j’espère obtenir vos avis.

Comme je n’ai jamais été à Costume Con, je ne connais pas le code vestimentaire à suivre au cours de la journée (à part « costume »). Est-ce que les gens se costument pour aller déjeuner? Se changent-il pour la soirée? Devrais-je prévoir quelque chose de différent au cas où l’on m’inviterait à une fête de suite? Est-ce que je réfléchis un peu trop à la question? (Probablement.)

Mais revenons à la liste; quels quatre costumes devrais-je emporter avec moi? 

Éowyn’s Green Gown / Robe verte d’Éowyn
Tardis kimono / Kimono Tardis
Circe / Circé
Viking Apron dress / Robe Viking
Apple green Bliaut / Bliaut vert pomme
Gold and Navy gates-of-hell / Surcot ouvert Or et Marine

Regency Dress / Robe Napoléonienne
Refashioned Anglaise à la Polonaise / Robe à l'Anglaise à la Polonaise remodelée

I’m open to votes and suggestions!  / Je suis ouverte à vos votes et suggestions.


  1. Well, I would say that Tardis Kimono is an absolute must. It's so great.

    1. That one I was slready pretty sure about to tell you the truth. But thank you for the compliment. Are you going to Costume-Con as well?

  2. I have been to Costume Con every year for the past 5 years. It differs greatly each year depending on which chapter is holding it, but I have heard so many good things about the Toronto group that it sounds like it will be amazing.

    People tend to fall into 2 groups: those who have been costuming forever and only dress up for the Friday Social, and the masquerades, and those who wear costumes during the day (for Hall Awards) as well as the evenings. I am bringing 5, as that should cover about everything, lol.

    You may not see as much true historical there (other than the Historical Masquerade), but there are a lot of very talented folks who attend, and this looks to be a very well attended year. I would bring stuff you love to wear, stuff that is comfortable, and stuff you might want to show off. :)

    Looking forward to seeing the Tardis kimono in person!

  3. Thank you Laura for your input. I don't mind if there isn't much historical costuming, really I don't. I love fantasy costumes and any costumes really, but as I was considering which costumes I could bring that would be easy to pack and be comfortable enough for hall wear, I realized most of my costumes are for SCA wear. I love an excuse to dress up, so I will be in costume as often as I can!

  4. I've been to the last four Costume Cons (missing this year, though. Boo). This is definitely the con where you could get away with wearing just about anything you could imagine. Every costume you've ever made is bound to have someone else at con to geek out about it with you, so don't feel like there's anything you couldn't bring. I tend to divide my Costume Con wardrobes into day and evening costume changes and plan around the competitions. This way, I can show off as many different outfits as possible. And while yes, hall costumes can get you noticed for the hall costume awards, most people just go for something fun that they can move around in and weren't planning to wear for something more specific.

    My default "what to wear" list when I plan looks like this:

    Friday day: hall costume
    Friday eve: something fancy for the Social OR a Single Pattern contest entry
    Saturday day: hall
    Saturday evening: different hall OR my entry for the Sci/Fi Fantasy Masquerade
    Sunday day: hall or entry for the Future Fashion Folio Competition
    Sunday eve: different hall OR my entry for the Historical Masquerade
    Monday day: comfy/fun/silly/low maintenance hall, as we're all dragging by this point.

    I would expect that this year's con is probably going to be a bit heavier on the cosplay and hall costumes then in recent past, but only because the hosting guild has made a big push to get a younger generation of costumers involved, and that happens to be heavy on the cosplay/anime crowd.

    As to Laura's comment regarding historical costume, I think it depends on what you're comparing to. I'd say there's absolutely more historical costuming (hall and programming) at Costume Con than I've seen at the average sci-fi/fantasy/comic or anime cons. But due to the mix of interests, there will be notably less than you'd see at something like Costume College.

    As far as the general culture of the con, there's not really any agreed upon day/time for things unless you and a group of friends had made plans to do something among yourselves. Not that you couldn't start something yourself by like, posting around the place something to the effect of "Let's all wear kimono on Monday."

    As for any costumes that you're looking at wearing (outside of competition, where all rules of comfort and maneuverability get thrown right out the window), I'd focus on stuff that's somewhat comfortable and let's you move around in crowds and sit comfortably at meals and in panels. OMG, you have a Tardis kimono! I'd say bring that one, simply because I've never seen it done before and squee-worthy costumes are meant to be shared. Other than that, any of your historical garments would be fine hall costumes. Did you have plans to enter one of the competitions? Historical masquerade, perhaps? *nudge, nudge*

    1. I am sorry you won't be coming this year. As I said, I've never been to Costume Con before (although I have been wanting to go for the last, oh, 13 years at least). I have never been to an out of town convention and have never stayed at a hotel for a convention. The only other event I've been to where i had to dress up and stay on site for a few days was Pennsic, back in 2007! And I had a home tunic for mornings and evenings at our camp and would never wander away from camp without my veil on.

      Your default "What to wear" list is exactly what I was thinking of, so I will stick with it.

      Although I won my membership at an Anime convention for my Mother-Daughter entry in the masquerade (Rosalina and Toadette), I only have 2 anime type of costumes and wasn't even thinking of bringing them.

      I am working on my costume for the Fantasy masquerade (but I will still be able to move in it because I plan to dance for my skit), I plan on entering the Future Fashion Folio with one of my own designs, and if I can squeeze it in (which is more and more doubtful at this point), I have a great idea for the single pattern competition. I wasn't considering entering the historical masquerade because really, none of my "historical" costumes are THAT historical (sewing machine, polyester, incorrect construction, etc).

      My list here is for the rest of the time. The first 3 costumes I am bringing for sure, but being a Gemini, I can't choose of make a snap decision to save my life. Which is why I thought I would ask my readers to decide for me.