Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Halloween Polonaise: Pumpkin or Candy Corn

I have been really eager to illustrate my idea (make that ideas) for my Pumpkin Polonaise. I mean REALLY! So I have been sketching away and here is what I came up with.

My first thought was to make an orange polonaise with a Jack-o’-Lantern face on the stomacher, worn over a black skirt. I drew two variations on the theme: one with basic gathered trim, and one with ivy leaves used as trim.

Option 1: Orange polonaise with Jack-o'-Lantern stomacher, green and yellow gathered trim, black engageantes, black petticoat and miniature witch's hat.

Pumpkin Polonaise - option 1

Option 2: Orange polonaise with Jack-o'-Lantern stomacher, ivy leaves trim, white engageantes, black petticoat and fall leaves hair fascinator.

Pumpkin Polonaise - option 2
I was thinking how much fun it would be to have some candy corn jewellery to go with that, something like the charmbracelet from Epbot (but in polymer clay), when it hit me that a stomacher is the perfect shape for an upside down candy corn. So I tried a few (5) variations on the theme and came up with these (they are my 2 favourites – I won’t bore you with every different trim colour I tried).

Option 3: Orange polonaise with Candy Corn stomacher, black and yellow gathered trim, black engageantes, black petticoat and miniature witch's hat.

Candy Corn Polonaise - Option 3

Option 4: Orange polonaise with Candy Corn stomacher, yellow and white gathered trim, yellow engageantes, cream petticoat and candy corn hair accessories.
Candy Corn Polonaise - Option 4

To be quite honest, I think I’m more excited about the idea of a candy corn polonaise than the jack-o’-lantern one. I don’t know why I am so obsessed with candy corn; it is not a traditional Halloween candy in Québec (I only learn about it when I was about 14 and I watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s Halloween episode where they made too much of the stuff), and in any case, I am allergic to food colour, so I couldn’t have some even if I went south of the border. Yet now, I am obsessed with this sweet: I want to make some handmade candy corn for Halloween (using natural food dyes), and make jewellery and decorations, and maybe do some tole painting with candy corn motifs, etc.

So please tell me, which is your favourite concept for my orange Halloween Polonaise? I have my own, but I am always curious to get your feedback. Should it be the Pumpkin Polonaise or the Let them eat Candy Corn dress?


  1. I really love options 2 & 4! The leaves are really what make the second one fabulous. The 4th option for the candy corn is adorable and subtle. I can't pick! They are both too cute!

  2. Option no 2 mais avec un ruban noir au lieu du lierre vert je pense que ça flasherais plus.Ça fait halloween et automnale en même temps

  3. I love the candy corn ideas and especially #4. Maybe because it's really unique? I've seen Jack o'Lanterns done before but never candy corn and it's rare to see something with white. Unique!