Saturday, April 14, 2012

The purple toddler T-tunic that keeps on fitting

Remember this?

Purple & Black Herringbone Toddler T-Tunic

This is the T-tunic I had cut for my daughter in May 2010, when she was 14 months old, in preparations for Spring Crown Tourney. As the story goes, I only finished it last year for BIA. For this year's BIA (which was March 3 - I'm a little late in posting this), I decided to try it on her again and see if it still fitted. The neck was too small to go over her head (it was already tight a year ago) but the rest still fitted, so all I had to do was split open the neckline to make it a keyhole, finish it with bias tape, et voilà! And of course, I did all this the morning of the event, before she woke up.

Child's play

(Someone had brought home made sand bag and ring toss games made with plywood painted like codices. I believe it was Ursion de Gui from Bois Ardent, but I'm not sure. Either way, it was AWESOME to have something to kee the kids busy, so thank you, whoever you are.)

She even wanted to wear the little viking hat I had made her last year. The t-tunic is worn as an over tunic over a long sleeve white tee (the one I had bought too big for the same event last year) and black leggings. It is belted with the tablet woven band I made her while I waited for her to be born. Medieval shoes for kids get to be expensive, so she wore her fancy black patent leather Mary Jane shoes (bought for the Holidays at Value Village for 3.99$) and her Ni Hao Kai Lan socks which she just adores.

The cutest little garden gnom

That is actually what someone said upon seeing her with her hat on.

Dancing Queen

I stood her up on the stage where the thrones were to take a couple pictures, and since she's been to a few of my dance shows, she decided that if she was on a stage she had to dance.

Little Princess

What can I say: she is 3 and loves princesses. In fact, when I told her there was going to be a real princess there (Her Highness Princess Avelina, princess of the East and Crown Princess of Tir Mara), she asked me if it was going to be Snow White. She wasn't too disappointed though, because someone introduced her to Her Highness who gave her many largesses (chocolate coins).

Mother & Daughter


I have to say it was a good day. Everyone loved her and we had a blast. Now I wish I could go to more events, if only time and budget allowed. I am hoping to make it to Border Spat in May, and maybe make me some new garb by then.

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