Saturday, April 28, 2012

18th Century Summer Ensemble

Sometimes, there have to be advantages to working in the textile industry. This week, as they were cleaning out old samples at my work, I snatched this IKEA Duvet cover and pillowcase set for just 5$.

IKEA Duvet cover

As a general rule, it is not really my style for home décor, but the print immediately struck me as perfect for a summery 18th century number. The duvet cover is about 150 cm wide by 200cm long (60” x 80”) with both sides printed: plenty of material for a skirt and jacket with short basque.

Since this product is still sold in store apparently, and for only 19.99$, I could also get a second set to expand my choice of patterns for this dress. 25$ for  metres of material would still be a good deal. We'll see.

I am now looking at pictures of similar dresses to inspire me.

Keira Knightley as Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, The Duchess (2008)
Costume design by Michael O'Connor 

This is another project for 2013. I do not plan on making any period maternity wear for this year, and besides, I am only halfway through this pregnancy and I am constantly exhausted (the fabric for my Titanic “Sink” dress has been waiting for me to cut it for 3 weeks – I don’t think this project is happening anytime soon). But planning for costumes is half the fun, so why should I deny myself this pleasure?


  1. This is a gorgeous fabric! I actually made a robe à l'anglaise with it, and it's fabulous to work with, hope you have fun when you start!

    1. Do you have a picture anywhere? I would love to see.

  2. My first Robe à l'anglaise is made of the very same fabric...

    Good luck with your gown!

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