Saturday, September 17, 2011


Inspired by all the wonderful TARDIS dresses and coats I have found while preparing for last Saturday’s post, here is my own plan for a TARDIS costume: the TARDIS Kimono! (You know you should have seen it coming, right?)

TARDIS vs TARDIS Kimono Concept

Kimono being geometrical in design, it seems simply perfect for the windows and boxes of the TARDIS’ exterior. The “Police box” sign normally at the top would go on the neckband.

Front & Back TARDIS Kimono Concept

And what about the white sign next to the TARDIS’ door? It will go on the Obi of course!

The Obiage and Obi-jime would be gold or yellow, because I like the contrast with the blue, and also to represent the door handle’s brass colour.

TARDIS Obi Concept

The light at the top of the TARDIS I imagine as a Kanzashi, made of silk petals and pinned to my hair.

Now as to how to make my vision come true: ideally I would like to do proper silk painting, with resist and everything. As a next best option, quilting is also something I could to, although it would require a lot of pattern preparation. If I am really lazy, I will just use fabric paint. We shall see! For now, I have nowhere to wear it to, so there is no rush to make it.

Of course, to be a Doctor’s wife (i.e. the TARDIS), I could also make an Irish dancing dress along the theme. Now what would that look like?


  1. I just found your blog through Lis. OMG, this TARDIS kimono is utter genius! I'm just sorry I didn't think of it first. *adds to FeedDemon RSS program*

  2. Wow! Haha, this is incredible! O.O That would be an adorable costume!