Wednesday, September 21, 2011

[Not so] Weekly Wednesday Wishlist: Worcestershire Academy Uniform

Raise your hands if you enjoy watching historical / fantasy / sci fi based comedies! Me too. One thing I thoroughly enjoy in these films (or TV shows) is to see how aspects of our modern world are interpreted to fit the story’s reality. I especially enjoy seeing how uniforms, such as school uniforms, are designed.

Take Shrek the Third (2007) for instance: Worcestershire Academy has everything from horse drawn buses to hennin wearing cheerleaders.

But I have to say, I prefer the girl’s regular uniform: a red and blue dress with Florentine inspired bodice with white undershirt decorated with blue embroidery showing at neckline; gold and red celtic knot trim at shoulders and down the center front of the bodice; red and blue diamond patterned sleeves with blue cuffs; long skirt with white hem and red insert decorated by the red and gold celtic knot trim.

The school emblem is embroidered to the wearer's left side bodice. Other head girl and geek club badges optional.

Of course, there is also a male version of the uniform: an off-white shirt, brown hosen, a red Italian doublet inspired vest with red and blue diamond patterned sleeves with red cuffs. The school emblem is once again embroidered to the wearer's left side.

One of these days, I will have to make myself a Worcestershire Academy Uniform, just for the kick of it. Who is with me?

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