Thursday, June 9, 2011

Red & Gold 18th Century Outfit

Somewhere in my stash (in an organized and labeled bin where I can fairly easily find it) I have some some red and gold silk shantung. It was a present from my Mom, back when I was working on the costumes for "Le Tzigane au Croissant d'or". She thought I might like to make myself an English dress in the 1750's style I kept making for the play's Noble ladies, so for my birthday, she bought me silk. She remembered me saying I needed about 6 metres of material for one dress, so what she got me was 3 metres in each colour.

Unfortunately, I need 6 metres for the over dress and 3 metres for the skirt, so I can't make a full length dress, but I could make a short dress or Caraco with one colour and the skirt with the other.

But I can't make up my mind as to which colour should be used for what garment. What do you think?

Red Caraco & Gold Skirt Concept Art

Gold Caraco & Red Skirt Concept Art

Which combination should I make? I will let you, my faithful readers, vote on the matter and I will abide by the majority's choice.


  1. What a great gift from your mom! My vote is for...hrm, this is really hard. Okay, my vote is for red jacket, yellow skirt.

  2. Noted! I know the decision is tough, that is why as th Gemini that I am, I am asking others to choose for me. Thanks for your input.

  3. I vote for the red jacket and yellow skirt too!

  4. I vote for the red jacket and yellow skirt , personally I think it looks better.

  5. red jacket, yellow skirt, definitely :)

  6. I guess Red Caraco and Gold skirt it is!