Sunday, February 27, 2011

Purple Herringbone Toddler T-Tunic

I am not the only one in need of garb for next week: my daughter needs some too! She has the light blue jersey tunic made by Nancy-Raven, but if I am to wear my houppelande, she's wearing her nightgown! (Hey, maybe I'll bring it for her to change in at the end of the night.)

In preparation for Spring Crown Tourney of last year, I had begun to make us both matching tunics from a piece of purple and black twill. Since the cars both broke down the in days before the event and it was a 3 hour drive, we didn't go. Thus I never bothered to finish the new dresses.

But today, during nap time, I finished my daughter's!

Purple & Black Herringbone Toddler T-Tunic

Honestly, I now know why this fabric was in the discount section: it is so flimsy, it is hell to work with! See how all the seems are pulling? Not my best work, but it will do. Besides, since I cut it when she was 14 month old and she will be turning 2 this week (can you believe it? I still can't!), the sleeves are this close to too tight, and they are now 3/4 length, and the tunic is about knee length now. So you see, she will probably only wear it this once.

Under it, she will wear a long sleeved white t-shirt and black leggings. I will belt the tunic with a card woven belt I made her during the last weeks before she was born; it is white, green and red, which is fine because the trim has green and red in it. Shoes wise, I guess I'll put her in her leather slippers; they are lime green with red lady bugs on the top. Modern, yes, but so cute.

By the way, the fabric isn't as dark as it looks in the picture.

Purple & Black Herringbone fabric and Trim detail

See? And the trim may not be period, but heck, I paid 5.99$ CAD (plus taxes, of course) for the whole roll! So it looks good enough to me! And eventually, I will finish my own tunic too.

Now, I still need to make my daughter a new coif, and get crunching for my own garb!

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