Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Last night I broke a 10 year tradition by not hosting a Halloween party at my house on October 31st. Instead, We, my Sweetheart, Baby Daughter and I, went with our Alliance Impériale friends to the Halloween Celebration in Old La Prairie. It was a blast! I had not seen most of my Alliance Impériale friends since our Christmas Party of 2008! We had quite a lot of fun partying in old La Prairie, dancing in the streets and Trick-or-treating at the different booths. We had so much fun, and I think we might do it again next year (maybe I can have my Halloween party on a different night, without clashing with Nancy-Raven's).

Because it was so cold and windy (about 1°C, by the river), I had to wear four layers under my Juban, leggings instead of my blue tights and thick leg warmers instead of my black and white striped socks (which is why I wore plain black half gloves instead of the matching black and white striped ones) and my winter booties instead of my cool new heals. Oh, and I chickened out of the full face white makeup. Too cold, too tired, too lazy.

Gwenyver as a Cyber Goth Geisha

The star of the evening was my Daughter the Mouseling, who was running and dancing around in her big furry costume. The super long tail was a very useful leash: she could walk around almost freely and I just had to hold on to the tail and walk behind her. (A lot of people thought I had made it long for that purpose, but in fact, I started holding on to it so it wouldn’t get dirty and I discovered its other use). And to think I had thought of shortening it! She was really adorable. Many people stopped to stare and say how cute she was.

Baby Mouseling posing on the sofa, at Home

Baby's first Trick-or-Treating

With us were different characters.

A Drow...

Marie-Ange-the-Celt as Aruhaniel, Drow Matron

Since a bunch of us wanted to go with an Asian theme (you can see a Samurai in the back - his armour is made of fun foam!), Marie-Ange-the-Celt made her Drow a Kimono-like outfit. Because Marie-Ange-the-Celt is very busy, she ran out of time to finish her costume. I was sewing on her collar while she was ordering Chinese food for the rest of us. But it looks good!

A Japanese Woman...

MageKnightTerra as a Japanese Woman

MageKnightTerra ordered her Kimono online for the occasion. She was more daring than I was, wearing the full face white make-up.

Neo and a Ninja...

Neo from The Matrix (1999) and Tionniel as a Ninja

Tionniel has been taking Martial arts, so she decided to make a traditional ninja costume. It was very well done, and at least she could wear many layers underneath without taking away authenticity.

A Princess...

Princess J

Marie-Ange-the-Celt's cousin accompanied us, wearing an old Princess dress.

An SG-1 Soldier...


And Tiger!

Tiger loves Cotton Candy!

There were others with us, but would you believe it, my batteries died, so I don't have pictures of everyone.

Happy Halloween!

I will try to take pictures soon of me wearing the whole look, like on the conceptual art drawing I made, but I can’t promise anything. I fear I might have once again over done it – I am exhausted and I am coming down with something. Darn! I never learn and I made myself sick again. Oh well, at least I had fun!

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  1. hiiiiiii just saw myself in that suit for the first time ! No one yet as gotten their pictures out :o

    And you know what ? I got my getas only the next morning :'(

    I really got to finish this and wear it again.... but in more favorable temperatures XD Surely at Otakuthon 2011 :D

    My little mouse is so cute there ! ^^ :p