Friday, April 23, 2010

Project: Sherbet Striped English Dress - Change of Plan

I was ready to start making the buttonholes to lace the back when I had a sudden doubt. Was lacing accurate for an 18th century dress? I know it wasn't exactly common, but I had this vague idea that I had seen one, perhaps in a movie… All I found in my recent research were child’s dresses. So…

I decided to change the closure. I sewed the back close and cut the front open in order too use hook & eye tape as closure. I tried on the dress before I cut and I have just enough give for it to work.

This also means that trim placement will be changing. I want to add more, both on the stomacher and on the skirt.

Sherbet Striped English Dress - Line Drawing

It’s going to look awesome! And yes, it will be done in time, even if I have to forgo sleep!

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