Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The 186th Montreal St. Patrick’s Parade

It's St. Patrick's Week! For this Irish Dancer (of French descent, but as they say "Everybody's Irish on St. Paddy's day!"), this means Parades and shows.

This crazily busy week began on Sunday, with the
Montréal St. Patrick’s Parade, which is the longest running parade in Canada. Of course, as this was our school's first parade (as the Young Academy of Irish Dance - most of us dancers have been doing the parade for seven or more years), it had to rain!

Dancers from the Young Academy of Irish Dance, Montreal St. Patrick’s Parade 2010

Because of the weather, we all wore transparent plastic ponchos, but heads and arms still got wet and with the wind chill, it was freezing cold. Also due to the rain, we (older dancers) all wore old dresses we did not mind getting wet. I was going to wear either my Teal Solo or my old green skirt with the school t-shirt over a black long sleeved tee when I remembered my raspberry dress.

Raspberry Irish Dance Dress - Ville-Marie Feis, 2004

One of the reasons I hated it was that the fabric I used was polyester and did not breath. Was better than a plastic dress for a rainy day? Also, I don't care if it gets wet, it's been hanging in my closet untouched for almost six years (I actually put it in the washer and dryer once I got home, to get rid of the mud that had splashed on it - it did not help the fusing one bit, but again, I don't care all that much what happens to that dress).

So even though it rained and it was freezing, we had fun and that is what really matters. Of course, winning the trophy for Best Celtic Dance Unit would also have been nice, but they won't be giving any this years due to the incident (and I won't talk about it because you might think me heartless - although i have to say, I only learned of it once I got home and was not witness to it, or else I might have a different view on the matter). It's a little irritating, but heck, what can we do about it! Lets just hope we do well next Sunday at the Chateaugay Parade.

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