Thursday, February 11, 2010

First Kitsuke attempt (Christmas Paisley Yukata)

Yesterday afternoon, I treated myself to a little photo shoot. It wasn't as fun as being out and about in a beautiful location and posing for a photographer, but at least now I have pictures of costumes which had never been taken in photo before or which needed new photos. Alone in a room, after moving the furniture out, I set up my tripod and my camera and I would have 10 seconds to go place myself. Obviously some pictures are better than others and some need to be cropped, but all in all, I am satisfied.

Gwenyver wearing her Christmas Paisley Yukata - Front view

One outfit I really wanted to put on and get a photo of was my Christmas Paisley Yukata and red Hanhaba Obi with gold speckles. I made the entire ensemble for Christmas 2005, but I had never worn it. So yesterday, armed with Ichiroya's Yukata Kitsuke tutorial video (see Yukata Kitsuke), I tried to dress myself. (Just when you thought I was done with the Japanese theme - don't worry, I should be back to my current 18th century self by tomorrow).

Gwenyver wearing her Christmas Paisley Yukata - Back view

As with any first tries, the result was far from stellar. One reason might be because my Yukata is a little too big for me now. As I realized yesterday when trying on other costumes, having lost 25 lbs (thank you, thank you) does make a difference in fit. Another reason might be that I don't have all the accessories needed for proper Kitsuke: all I had was my Yukata, Obi, a regular sleeveless slip, a piece of satin ribbon and a some twill tape. As soon as I have a little money, I will invest in Kitsuke items. Lastly, I didn't use towels to eliminate my curves. I figured that being round, I wouldn't need the padding, but my hips begged to differ.

Red Hanhaba Obi with Gold speckles - Closeup

So my collar was crooked, my Oshaori (fold at the waist) was frumpy and my hem wasn't straight. So what! I tried and I can only do better next time. And even if my obi wasn't perfect either, I was really proud to have tied it myself. After all, I could have used a cheat, like my pre-tied Hanhaba Obi (although, as it is hot pink, it would have clashed in an awful way), but I didn't.

Gwenyver wearing her Christmas Paisley Yukata

Still, I looked so cute! Kawaii!

By the way, kneeling in a Kimono is not at all easy. doing it gracefully and without creasing your kimono requires practice. So is bowing with an Obi that keeps your body straight the way a corset would.

Arigatô Gozaimasu!

I had a lot of fun dressing up and taking pictures. I'm sure next time my Kitsuke will look better. I'll try to finish my Valentine Yukata in time for Valentine's day this Sunday so I can have another go.

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