Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year (Costuming) Resolutions

New Year is here. 2009 is already over. Can you believe it? I don't think I want to.

Following the tradition, I too will take a few resolutions. Well, three to be exact. That's my number. I mean, why bother with more, since I probably won't stick to them anyways (just kidding; well...). But of course, I won't bore you with the weight loss or cleaning ones. Let's just stick to costumes. So here goes.

Resolution Number One

I will finish the costumes that are already cut and waiting to be assembled. That includes
Arwen's Angel Dress, a Light Blue Velvet Medieval Dress, a Tartan Skirt, a Valentine Yukata, my Cybergoth Geisha outfit, a Pink Velvet Irish Dance Solo dress (size 10, for sale) and these are only the ones I can remember.

Three skirt panels of unfinished Pink Velvet Irish Dancing Solo Dress

Also, if I wish to start a new project, i.e. one that is not already cut, I will try to use the stuff I have in my Stash already. For instance, I have all the material I need to make Eowyn's Green Gown and I have had them for quite a good number of years too.

The last part of this resolution will probably be the toughest for me to stick to, because pretty much all of my fabrics were bought with a specific project in mind, so if I suddenly want to do something else (right now, Otakuthon comes to mind - I have no fabric planned for an Anime or Manga costume), I'll have to buy new material.

Resolution Number Two

I will learn a new skill. I have been wanting to learn embroidery for years, but I never seem to find the time. It is an important skill for a historical costumer to have, especially one who hopes to work in the movie business one day. So this year, that is what I will teach myself.

Resolution Number Three

Okay, this is part news, part resolution. In the last year, I have been thinking of starting a costuming group here in Québec. I mean, no offence to my friends of
l'Alliance Impériale, but that group is no longer what it used to be. Besides, I would like to start a group for all costumers, whatever their costume preference, and organize events. For instance, remember my idea to have a day at the beach in Victorian Bathing Suits? It could be interesting.

The way I imagine it, it would be somewhat like the
International Costumer's Guild, but bilingual and local. I'll need some help of course (if you live in Québec and are interested in such a venture, e-mail me). For the moment, the name I have come up with is "La Société des Costumières et Costumiers du Québec" (the Québec Costumer's Society). Anyways, it is still a work in progress, but it is something I really want to do.

So what about you? What are your costuming resolutions?

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