Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday Weekly Wishlist: Selkie Costume

Have you found your Halloween party costume yet? I've made up my mind about what to wear at the party I'm throwing (I'll wear my Dark Maiden Dress), but now I have to decide what to make for Nancy-Raven's Party.

As previously mentioned, every year since she's moved in with her honey,
Nancy-Raven throws a Halloween Party. Last year, she introduced the idea of a theme for the costumes, so we had a Roaring 20's Party. But as not all of her guests are as costume inclined as we are, some complained that the theme was too difficult (although everyone showed up in an appropriate costume, so I don't know what they were complaining about).

So this year, the theme is Myth and Legends of the World (the idea being that the theme has enough possibilities to please everyone).

But now, I don't know what to wear. I have too many ideas! And Nancy-Raven refuses to tell me what her costume is. (I guess she wants it to be a surprise, but I'm curious and I want to know!)

One idea is a Selkie costume. I've wanted to make one for 10 years! Ever since my trip to Scotland, where I learned about Selkies at the Highland Mystery World theme park in Glencoe (there was a woman dressed as a Selkie who told us a story in a very dramatic way - sadly, I don't remember it because I was busy studying her costume).

Selkies - The Seal People

For those of you who don't know, Selkies are magickal creatures of the sea who have the appearance of seals in the water, but who can shed their skins and transform into beautiful men and women when they come ashore. It is said that if a man can find and hide a Selkie's skin, he can get her to marry him, but if she ever finds her skin, she will disappear back in the sea.

A Selkie taking off her skin

For the costume, I want to make a faux seal skin, not unlike the faux donkey skin I wish to make for a Peau d'Âne costume, to wear as a cloak. For the head, I think I could get away with a hood to which I would add a snout and eyes.

As inspiration for the seal's head, I found this picture:

Woman in seal costume lying on bed

As for what I would wear underneath, I was thinking of a short tunic, very plain, made of Indian cotton, in either teal or green. I would also like to find a wide mesh scarf to tie around my waist. I want the outfit to look like it's been made from things found in the sea, such as seaweed, sails from shipwrecks and fisherman's net.

Dragonarium's Labyrinth of Jareth 2008 Selkie Costume

During my research, I found one person who had made a Selkie costume. Hers included a simple white shift and a seal skin brat that she wore on her shoulder.

I guess if I make a Selkie costume for Nancy-Raven's Party (or whenever I get around to making it), I can be pretty certain to be the only one dressed like that. That is a very good thing, because there is nothing worse for a girl than showing up at a party wearing the same thing as another girl!

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