Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Weekly Wishlist: NCIS' Abby Sciuto

Last night was NCIS night in this house, as it was the season's premiere (as well as the spinoff's, NCIS: Los Angeles): my Sweetheart and I are both fans of the show, and my daughter already loves the opening credits' music.

Which brings me to tell you about our recent trip to IKEA. (I can already here you say "Huh?") As we were looking around in the kids section, I spotted this cute Hippopotamus plush toy:

I immediately though: "Bert, the farting hippo". Now if you don't follow the show, you will need me to explain. On
NCIS, the forensics specialist is a cute Goth girl named Abby Sciuto. Abby wears her hair in pigtails, dog collar necklaces, platform shoes, pretty much only owns black and red clothes, preferably with skulls printed on. She believes in Santa Claus, bowls with Nuns, volunteers for Habitat for Humanity, drives a hearse, loves tattoos and drinks Caf-Pow, a fictional energy drink, by the bucket. On Episode 1 of Season 7 (not to say, last night's episode), Tony DiNozzo describes her as thus:

Abby Sciuto : NCIS resident forensic scientist, heart and soul; paradox wrapped in oxymoron, smothered in contradictions and terms; sleeps in a coffin; really the happiest goth you’ll ever meet.

Pauley Perrette as Abby Sciuto, NCIS (2003)

My Sweetheart and I both love the character of Abby, and I would very much like to make myself an "Abby" costume eventually (it's an excuse to get and wear more Goth clothes). In fact, a few weeks ago, I bough myself a gorgeous Italian made, long white jacket that makes me look like a million bucks (for only 45$ CAD - and the original price was 120$ CAD, which makes it even better), and my Sweetheart thought it was the beginnings of an "Abby" costume (for which I would get a real lab coat and not use my beautiful jacket).

So what about the Hippo? Abby has a Farting Hippo plush toy called Bert, and the IKEA one is a dead ringer for it, although it doesn't fart, which is fine by me really.

Pauley Perrette as Abby Sciuto, holding "Bert the Farting Hippo", NCIS (2003)

Don't you think they look the same? Besides, an original "Bert" can cost up to 100$, where as the IKEA Hippo is 12.99$ CAD. But because I decided to be good, and because we were there for baby things, I didn't buy it. So Friends and family, if you are wondering what to get me for Christmas, here is nice, inexpensive idea.


  1. Haha, guess what! im going to be Abby for Halloween. Most of the costume i built/bought locally but for 10$ i bought Abby Sciuto Id card OMGGOMFOMG i love it soo much, its a great addition!

    Got it on ebay quick delivery:

  2. Cool! Thanks for the link, and please, do send me a picture of you in your costume so I can post it here!

  3. I am being abby for halloween as well, but I really want to find a picture of abbys id card from the show so that i can make one that really looks authentic. that link from ebay looks completely different from the id on the show, so for hours i have been going crazy trying to find a screenshot that shows her id card... i dont suppose anyone knows how to get a more authentic id card?

  4. The best Abby id picture that I found was this link...and it is the most realistic one that i have seen

    The ting that i am having trouble finding is a picture of the spiderweb tattoo on her neck behind/under her left ear...any help??

  5. go to google and type in "ncis abby neck tattoo" on the first page theres a couple of really good shots of it.

    My fiancee and I are both big fans and I am actually watching abby and mcgee sing the goat song right now! Weve decided to be funny about it and hes being Abby for halloween!

    Good luck!

  6. Here's a question, what's the outfit that Abby is wearing to bed? It's like a milkmaid-something with a Little Miss Muffet hat, but I haven't yet pinned down the "proper name" for it. Thanks in advance.

  7. I would say it is an old fashion nightgown.

  8. im going to be abby for holloween where can i buy platforns im an 11 year old girl im wesleys sister

  9. Hi Wesley's sister! Platforms are generally expensive, but you can either fin them online in Gothic or Lolita stores, or you could try one of these temporary Halloween stores that sell prepackages costumes.

  10. I found a cheaper card here and the quality was great. They have a lot of other characters too. I want the Dexter badge!

  11. They sell a Bert the Farting Hippo on the CBS site for $40. Not sure if they ship to Canada (sounds like that's where you are?) Maybe you could have it sent to a U.S. friend who could forward it to you.