Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday Weekly Wishlist: Cheerleader

One day before the big 10 year reunion, so lets go with a High School themed costume from the wishlist, the infamous Cheerleader costume. Everyone knows, in every American teen movie, the cheerleaders are the b*tches everyone loves to hate, while we all secretly wish we could be one of them. Well, there were no Cheerleaders in my High School, so I never got the chance to be rejected by them (I did try out in University and was not accepted, but at least I tried and I was proud of myself for that). That also means I never got the chance to wear one of those cute little outfits. What's a girl to do...

Well I don't know about a regular girl, but a costumer can always find a way! I could either make one up, or use one from a movie or TV show.

Two come to mind from the Sci Fi world:

Starship Troopers (1997)

At the beginning of the movie, in the Jumpball scene, both schools have cheerleaders with their own uniforms.

The Buenos Aires Tigers Cheerleader Uniform

The Tesla Giants Cheerleader Uniform

(Pictures from StarshipTroopers.Net)

Heroes (2006)

In the series Heroes, the character of Claire Benet is a cheerleader for the Trojans of Union Wells High School who has self-healing abilities (must come in handy with sprained ankles and such).

If you're interested in making this costume, just type "Claire Bennet Cheerleader Costume" in Google and you'll find plenty of resources and tutorials.

Of course, there are plenty more examples out there (I didn't mention movies such as Bring It On (2000) and Sugar & Spice (2001); I preferred keeping it Sci Fi) but you get the idea.

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