Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Portrait of a Costumer: Michaela de Bruce

Michaela de Bruce 1520's Yellow Saxon Gown

I thought I might from time to time mention some of my favorite costumers, so since I mentioned Michaela de Bruce in last Saturday's entry, I figured I should start with her.

Michaela's is a highly talented costumer from New Zealand who's costuming interests span from Renaissance (her best work are German Renaissance) to Victorian to Movie recreations, both historical and Sci-Fi. This lucky woman also gets to act in plays and which gives her an excuse to create her own costumes. She unfortunatly has rheumatoid arthritis and so she sometimes has to take things slowly, or make concessions when creating a costume, especially if she's on a tight schedule to finish, but then, haven't we all been there? We all have to make concessions sometimes (granted mine have nothing to do with painfully enflammed joints)!

On to more positive things, let me share with you some of my favorite creations of hers.

The Phantom of th Opera - Christine Daaé as a Slave Girl in Hannibal

LOTR - Galadriel Under the Spell of the One Ring

Moulin Rouge - Satine's Black Diamond Costume

You can find more of Micheala's gorgeous costumes, as well as articles and costume ressources, on her website Glittersweet.com.

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