Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ravenclaw Uniform

I will admit it, sometimes when searching for one of my costumes on my blog, I find out with a certain shock that I have never posted it. Since I sometimes plan posts that I don’t end up writing, I sometimes get a little confused as to whether or not I have published certain things. Take my Ravenclaw uniform for instance: I was absolutely certain I had presented it at some point, but it turns out I have never posted about it. Well, that is going to change now! 

I first made my uniform in 2005, to celebrate the release of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. When the Harry Potter Movie website first opened, I was sorted in Ravenclaw by the Sorting Hat. With Cho Chang being figured in the 4th movie, I finally got to get a closer look at what a Ravenclaw uniform looks like

An exhausted student, Fête des Enfants de Montréal, 2007


I adapted Simplicity5840 view B to fit my needs. I made my robe shorter and narrower than the original pattern, the separate shoulder piece was eliminated and the back was made as one big piece. I also made the sleeves larger and the point of the hood a tad longer.

The fabric is 100% cotton for both black and blue. The entire robe is bag lined.

The closure in the front consist of a loop of medium satin cord and two self-covered buttons in the black material (one of them is only decorative).


For the skirt, I made my own pattern following some of the cast’s pictures as inspiration. It is an A line, wrap around with box pleats on the front, placed a bit outside the princess line. The material is dark grey wool, found in in sale of course.

Reading in the garden, Fête des Enfants de Montréal, 2007

Shirt and Tie

Why make what you can buy! I bought a white men’s shirt from Zeller’s for 19.99$ (CAD). The tie is from Alivan’s. It is a PoA style Adult tie.

Sweater and Scarf

Both the sweater and scarf are from Hobbie’s House of Wizard Wear. The sweater is the POA School Sweater with blue and silver accents and the scarf is the OOTP Trapped Bar Scarf 9.5ft long in blue and silver. I highly recommend them for your custom made Hogwarts knitted wear.

At the movie theatre, opening night of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)

Shoes and Socks

I usually wear my Hogwarts’ uniform with dark grey cable knit knee-high socks, but if it was too cold, I could also go with black tights. As for shoes, I used to wear my black high heeled Mary Janes, but they broke a few years ago. If I was to wear my uniform now, I would need new black shoes to go with it.

Wand and School Bag

A Harry Potter costume would not be complete without the perfect wand. I got mine at CharmeHYPERLINK "http://www.charme-et-sortilege.com/" HYPERLINK "http://www.charme-et-sortilege.com/"&HYPERLINK "http://www.charme-et-sortilege.com/" HYPERLINK "http://www.charme-et-sortilege.com/"Sortilège, a Montréal magick boutique (from their Pheonix Wands collection).

As for my school bag, it is an old brown leather satchel I’ve had since first grade. I usually keep a leather bound journal in it, along with Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them by Newt Scamander, Quidditch ThroughThe Ages by Kennilworthy Whisp, some pencils and a feathered quill. It also doubles as my purse!

Just waiting for a friend, Fête des Enfants de Montréal, 2007

Unfortunately, I have not worn my uniform since 2007: I was a new mom when Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009) came out, so I stayed home with my baby daughter; in fact, the last time I went out to see a movie at a movie theatre, I saw Mama Mia (2008) with my mom! I need an excuse to wear my uniform again (and to go out!).

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