Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Irish Dance Wig

Last Tuesday, my dance teacher surprised us with a request, that all her older dancers 9and I'm the eldest) have full wigs for our show... which is next Friday. With less than two weeks, I had to hurry. I spent a good amount of time shopping online and exchanging e-mails with sellers. Here is what I learned: wigs are freakishly expensive and so is shipping when you need it immediately (Okay, I already knew both these things, but they were confirmed to me once more).

Then on Friday the local Irish Dance supply seller (Faery Reel - lovely people) writes back saying if I want to, I can stop by her place and I can look through the bargain bin to see if anything fits my budget and hair colour. So yesterday, late in the afternoon, I head out with my daughter, drive two hours (because by local, I mean "The Greater Montreal Area"; it was still quite a long way from my home, but what choice did I have?) to go get myself a wig.

The wig I found is a double wig (twice as much hair as a normal human being would have) which is a 26" long, full head wig, with large elasticated cap, loose split curls and thick density fibre. I personally don't like split curls for Irish Dance wigs (I was really hoping for tight ringlets), but that was my only choice. The other wigs were either too small or the wrong colour.

Speaking of colour, it was a shock to me to realize how much darker my hair had gotten following my pregnancy. I used to be a Strawberry Blond, but this wig is Light Ash Brown with some Light Blond highlights and it's a near perfect match.

Gwenyver's Morgan Double Wig in Light Ash Brown / Light Blond - Front

This thing is huge. I wonder how it will feel when I dance in it?

Gwenyver's Morgan Double Wig in Light Ash Brown / Light Blond - Side

One thing is for sure: I'm going to look like a lioness with this huge main of hair.

Gwenyver's Morgan Double Wig in Light Ash Brown / Light Blond - Back

Of course, I,m sure you care to know how much Swiffer cost me (yes, I have nicknamed my wig "Swiffer"): 50$ and a half tank of gas. Seems like a lot? New, it costs 120$ on average. I guess the frizz caused by many hands checking the thickness of the curls (in it's previous life, Swiffer was a display wig) is well worth the bargain.

Stay tuned for pictures of me wearing it (and of our show next Friday).


  1. I think the style fits Irish dance well, Costumeholic. You must have looked real nice when you worked it out. By the way, is that synthetic? Wigs are obviously not all made of natural materials, but your photos of the wig made me stop and think. My wife's Forever Young wigs look an awful lot like real hair, so I don't want to assume about yours.

  2. Thanks! Yes, it is synthetic hair.

  3. Do you happen to have a used blond Sinead by Youngblood wig for sale? If so I'd love to buy it 615-336-2286,, posted 10-30-12 need ASAP. Thanks!

    1. Sorry, I still use my wig so it is not for sale, but you could ask Fairy Reel where I bought mine.