Friday, March 5, 2010

Costume Tutu

If you are looking to make a tutu for a costume and you were overwhelmed by yesterday’s post, do not despair. Costume Tutus may not be considered fit to be worn by a professional ballerina, but they are quick and easy to make if all you really want is a puffy tulle skirt.

To make a costume Tutu, you need a ribbon and some tulle.
  1. First, measure a piece of ribbon long enough to tie around your waist. It will be helpful if you mark the part that has to be covered with tulle (i.e. your waist circumference) on it so you know where to begin tying the tulle and where to stop.
  2. The next step is cutting strips of tulle twice as long as your desired tutu length. The width of these strips is up to you, but you should know that the wider they are, the puffier you tutu will be.
  3. Once you are swimming in tulle strips, you can start tying them around your ribbon. Use a Lark's head knot: fold you strip in half, creating a loop, then thread the ends through that loop and pull tight around the ribbon.
  4. Continue until you have covered your ribbon from one mark to the other.
  5. You are now the proud owner of a costume tutu.

This technique can be used for kids costume tutus or a fluffy elastic bands for a ponytail.

And in case my step by step explanation wasn't clear enough, I found you a video tutorial that shows how to do what I just described!

I am personally going to eventually make myself a blue and seafoam one (I have the tulle, but I haven't gotten around to making it yet), but I also think my godsdaughter is getting one for her birthday! I wonder what colours she would like... (She'll be two next month.)

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