Monday, October 5, 2009

Movie Monday: Michael Jackson's This Is It

If you're going to get a Michael Jackson costume for Halloween, you might as well wear it to go see his last movie, Michael Jackson's This Is It, coming out in theatres on October 28th. It is a documentary presenting behind the scene footage of the show that was supposed to be presented at London's O2 Arena.

Ah, the joys of Capitalism: you can make money off of everything if you know how and death is very lucrative, especially for stars!

I'm sorry to be so sarcastic, but seriously, no one liked him the last years of his life. He had fallen from grace in the public's eyes, and now everyone wants a piece of him? It's a little sick. Let him rest in peace, for crying out loud. Let his children grieve and move on. Let us remember him respectfully, and lets get over it!

Yet somehow, I guess that is what the King of Pop wanted; to win all of our hearts back. It's just sad that he had to die for it to happen.

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