Friday, October 2, 2009

2009 Most Popular Halloween Costumes

According to this article found on Yahoo! Finance, this year's most popular Halloween costume is... [drum roll]... Michael Jackson!

You read it right. According to Jalem Getz, president and CEO of
Buyseasons Inc., the parent company of, searches for the costume, which generally includes tight black pants, a leather jacket and, of course, a glittering glove, have gone up more than a 1000% (or so says the aforementioned article).

The 80's are definitely back. What I mean is, it is kind of funny that we are seeing so many 80's trends in fashion nowadays AND one must remember that Michael Jackson was the most influential artist of that decade. His red "
Thriller / Beat it" leather jacket was probably the most copied jacket ever. OK, I know it has more to do with him dying this year, but still, it is kind of a funny relation (not funny "Ha ha", but you know, interesting).

By the way, I was a great Michael Jackson fan as a kid.

Back to the article: according to Mr. Getz, other popular dead celebrity costumes will include Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon and infomercial pitchman Billy Mays. (How do you pull off this one? Do you try and sell Oxy Clean to other party guests?)

More costumes that expected to be popular include:

  • Vampire - it's a classic, but books and movies such as Twilight have brought up this costume's popularity a notch.
  • The Joker, preferably the Heath Ledger / The Dark Knight (2008) version. (I believe that. You wouldn't believe the number of requests I get for custom made Joker costumes. So for the last time, I charge 350$ minimum for a custom made tailcoat, and the price will go up depending on the fabric you choose.)

Reno as the Joker - Tailcoat by Gwenyver. Unknown Harley Quinn.

  • And Jon and Kate Gosselin of Jon & Kate Plus Eight. Yeah, I don't get that one either, but it's apparently true:

Eight Is Too Much Adult Wig

Funny, I had expected Cleopatra costumes to be more of a hit this year, considering how fashionable bib and pectoral necklaces are this season.

Gia Collar Necklace by Forever21

Another popular thing this Halloween, considering the economical factor, is to make your own costume from things you own instead of spending 40$-50$ on a pre-packaged costume. To all of you who choose to follow this trend, kudos to you. I despise pre-packaged costumes. In my opinion, they are low quality, cheap looking and often way too revealing. If you're going to spend that much money on your Halloween costume, get some fabric and a pattern and make it yourself: it might be cheaper, but it will definitely look better.

Or you can get your friendly blogger / Costume designer to make you a custom costume!*

*But that will have to wait until next year because I'm already booked for this year!

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