Thursday, October 22, 2009

Green Brocade Sideless Surcote

You've already heard about my SCA persona, Mórag filia Scayth. Mórag lives in 14th century Scotland. Being from a good Noble family, she speaks Latin and French (hehe!), hence the use of "filia Scayth" in her surname (I wanted the Gaelic originally, but it would then be "inghean Shitig", or something like that, and, well, you can read, you know what it sounds like). And so, while I was making my Sweetheart his 16th century Court Garb, I also made myself some period appropriate clothes.

Gwenyver, Fall Harvest 2006

I choose to make myself a Sideless Surcote, also known as a Gates-of-Hell. I found this green brocade with a tiny yellow diamond pattern and red accents, and I got 3 metres for 10$! The pattern was eyed and adjusted as I went, my goal being to get the widest skirt possible. The neckline and sides are trimmed in a gold and red trim with small fleché pattern.

Using Butterick #4827, I made a red cote to wear with my Sideless Surcote. OK, it's a princess line dress with a train, but I liked the pattern, and princess line cut is so flattering! My biggest mistake though was using imitation linen (i.e. 100% polyester). Yes it was cheap, but it looks nothing like linen and it does not breath. I hope to make a new red cote out of linen or cotton (I don't mind using cotton for Medieval projects; I know it is not historically accurate, but I can live with it), sooner rather than later.

Gwenyver, Fall Harvest 2008

See how practical a Sideless Surcote is? I wore it last for Fall Harvest year while I was five month pregnant and it still fit!

Bust of Marie de France, 1381

When I wear 14th century garb, I like to do my hair in side braids to try and get the look 14th century look as typified by the Bust of Marie de France. I do cheat and use elastics and bobby pins though. Basically, you split your hair in half, then make pigtails on the side of your face. Then you braid the pigtails, you pin them to your head so they are straight on each side of your face until just below your cheekbones and you bring the end of your braid up, making go around your ear before finally pinning it in the back.

Of course, now my hair is too short for such a hairdo, so I'll most likely just cover my head with a veil,and besides, I won't be wearing that outfit, so there is no need for it. My veil will do fine.

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