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Child's Costumes: Recap of all my daughter's costumes

When I made the announcement on Facebook months ago that I was pregnant with my second child, I made a joke about making people sick of baby/toddler costumes, and Vintage Dancer said she wanted to see some because she has a 2 year old and has some costumed event to taker her too. So I though a quick recap of all the costumes my 3 1/2 years old daughter has worn in her short life might be of some interest to other parents and/or kiddie costume enthusiasts. Here they are in chronological order:

1- Medieval Baby (September 2009 – 6 months old)

This brown linen tunic was a baby shower gift from the head of my SCA household. I use to pair it with grey leggings, white socks, black canvas shoes (not pictured), a coif I made and the “SCA the next generation” bib I had picked up in Pennsic in 2007 (we had decided to start trying to have a child). As I kept everything, this is one outfit that will be reused whatever the gender of my second child is.

2- Baby Owl (Halloween 2009 – 8 months old)

My daughter’s pet name is “Chouette”, meaning owl, so for sure I made her a cute little own costume for her first Halloween. It consisted of a romper, made from McCall's 5648 to which I added “feathers” and wings, worn over a white PJ. The hat was made using Simplicity 2527 (but I added the eyes).

3- Little Snowman (Christmas Eve 2009 – 10 months old)

Frosty the Snowgirl, Christmas 2009

For her first Christmas Eve, I dressed her up in this cute little Snowman suit (complete with padded mini top hat atop the hood). I do believe it was from Wal-Mart. It was lent to me by my godsdaughter’s mom (who also happens to be the head of my SCA household) as her daughter is 9 months older than mine and no longer fitted in the 12 mo sized suit. I gave it back, but still, it was funny to have my baby in costume for her first Christmas / Yule season.

4- Light Blue Medieval outfit (Montréal Highland Games 2010 – 17 months old)

Light Blue Medieval Baby, Montreal Highland Games 2010

For her first birthday, Nancy-Raven made my daughter (her godsdaughter) a new Medieval outfit out of organic cotton jersey. Since she is a procrastinator like me, she finished it some months later, for her to wear at the Montréal Highland Games. The whole outfit is a light blue tunic and coif, and white drawstring pants. Embroidery stitches was added in a darker turquoise blue.

5- Baby Mouseling (Halloween 2010 – 20 months old)

Second Halloween! I fell in love with the pattern for this little mouse costume when I was maybe 19 and bought it with the intention of one day making it for my kid. Fast forward a decade and here it is. I added the pink bow so everyone would know she was a girl. It was a very popular costume – everyone who saw her found her adorable.

6- Kimono (Birthday 2011 – 2 years old)

Toddler in Kimono, 2nd birthday

I love Kimono! So of course, I had to get my daughter one as well. I give her her first Kimono (a toddler’s Furisode and hifu set) for her second birthday, but she hasn’t worn it since. Eventually, we will find a reason to dress up in Kimono.

7- Purple T-tunic (BIA 2011 – 2 years old / BIA 2012 – 3 years)

This tunic she wore for the first time at BIA 2011, and again in 2012. She wears it over black leggings and a long sleeve tee. It is belted with a tablet woven band which was my first real card weaving project, and I made her a quick Viking hat of white twill and added a decorative stitch of red hearts around the edge.

8- Toadette (Otakuthon 2011 – 2 1/2  years old)

For Otakuthon 2011, I had decided to make her a Toadette costume, knowing she would be the cutest Toadette ever. I have written extensively about that costume and how proud I was of how she behaved during the Masquerade. Even if I didn’t get a ribbon for making both our costumes, I know she will keep hers for a very long time (she puts it on sometimes). And yes, I watch the video of our entry on YouTube once in awhile.

9- Flower (Halloween 2011 – 2 1/2  years old)

Toddler Flower, Halloween 2011

For Halloween 2011, her costume was a Flower. I had bought most of the material (including green clothes) to make her this costume for Montreal ComicCon, planning to go as Buffy the 18th century lady (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2, Episode 6, Halloween) – the flower is one of the kids she accompanies to go Trick-or-Treating). I did not go to the Con, but still finished the flower costume in time for my daughter to wear it for her first real go at Trick-or-Treating. She was a huge success!
10- Cheongsam (Qípáo) (Christmas 2011 – 2 3/4 years old)

My Little China Girl, Christmas morning 2011
Before Christmas / Yule 2011, as I was looking for second hand fancy shoes for my daughter at Value Village, I found a silk Cheongsam in her size for 3.99$. I gave it to her as a present on December 25. She did not get a chance to wear it yet (other than when she opened it), but eventually, we’ll find an excuse.

11- Fancy Pink Princess dress / Regency dress and bonnet (Birthday 2012 – 3 years old/ Costumers' Picnic 2012 – 3 1/2 years old)

For her 3rd birthday, I made my daughter a fancy “princess” dress using Simplicity 7120. It was meant as a fancy dress, not a costume per say, but it can double as one. I used pink English lace for the bodice, sleeves and overskirt, and white poly cotton with red embroidered edge for the underskirt. The collar is made from some leftover white printed cotton (the same fabric as my Regency Dress). She has worn this dress for Easter / Ostara, for my birthday, and around the house to play princess. When I started planning for the Costumers' Picnic, deciding to go for Regency for me, I figured this dress would be perfect. All I had to do was make her a matching poke bonnet from leftover pink English lace, et voilà! Instant Regency toddler.

Extra – Wonder Woman Toddler Dress

This dress I made for my godsdaughter as a Christmas / Yule / Hanukkah present, so it is not one of my daughter’s costumes (though she modeled it for me to take a picture), but it is a toddler costume so I thought it would be fitting to mention it in this post. My godsdaughter loves super heroes, and her favourite is Wonder Woman, so as her present, I made her a girly dress in a theme she would like.

So there you have it: in 3 1/2 short years, my daughter has had 11 costumes. Maybe I spoil her too much… Maybe I am spoiling myself! I enjoy spending time with her and I can’t help hoping that we will keep on doing costumed events and activities together for the next 50 years!

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