Thursday, July 21, 2011

Princess Rosalina's Accessories

Right after I posted about my change of heart for my Otakuthon costume the other night, I began to search for hints at how I could make Rosalina's crown look good. I had seen some nice ones, but I don’t know how to cast plastic and I am not teaching it to myself in the next three weeks. Finally, I found this tutorial by Martyn which uses my material of choice, Fun Foam.

Peach, Daisy, Rosalina Crown Tutorial by Martyn

I read through the list of material needed, and the only things I don’t have on hand are a brain which remembers how to do math using π (working on that with my sweetheart, it’ll come back to me if I don’t try to work at it when I'm short on time or super tired), and the plastic cabochons to use as gems for the crown.

I looked into buying the same 35 mm cabochons from that Martyn used, but they only come in dozens (8.50$ for 12 - I need 2 colours), and if you buy for less than 30$, you get an up charge of 20$ for not meeting the minimum price. Plus, since I live in Canada, shipping will not be Free as advertised (it never is). Al in all, It will probably cost me about 40$ so I can get 4 plastic cabochons. Not really worth it for me.

Instead, I found these 30 mm Crystal Stickers in the Scrapbooking section of my local Omer DeSerres – for 2.95$ +tx.

30 mm Crystal Stickers

To give them the proper colour, I will use some faux stained glass paint. I’ll either buy the two colours I need, or ask my favourite aunt to let me use hers since this is her current hobby.

Martyn (my hero) also shared a tutorial on making the rest of Rosalina’s accessories, because this princess not only wears a crown, she has a wand, a brooch and huge earrings.

Rosalina Accessories Tutorial by Martyn

The wand used fun foam and a wooden dowel. Check! The brooch requires more fun foam and some sort of plastic dome. I will be looking very closely at those vending machines which sell cheap toys in plastic spheres. For the earrings, yet more fun foam and some jewellery findings. Check again!

I can’t go fabric shopping until next week, but at least, I can get started on my accessories this week.

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