Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Victorian Patterns

Recently, it was my birthday. And amongst my many gifts, Nancy-Raven, who knows me so well, gave me my first Truly Victorian patterns. Let me tell you, I clapped my hands with excitement like a cartoon character as I unwrapped them.

First, a little something with a full round skirt.

As Nancy-Raven put it, this looks like it would elongate the body, which is always good when you are round. I believe this would be a great dress to make and wear at Les fêtes victoriennes in Victoriaville, QC, if I ever get go that is.

Now I wonder what type of fabric and print I should look for to make this dress. Research ahead! Actually, I have begun looking around on the Net for ideas for a German Day Dress (and general 1840's Day Dresses) and found a lovely post about 1845 German Day Dresses with many pictures on Dressing the 1840s.

Second came a pattern I have wanted for years.

1873 Polonaise - TV410

You see, I have long been in love with Trystan's Sushi Victorian Dress, and although hers was made using a different pattern (Past Patterns' 1880s Polonaise With Walking Skirt), it is still a Victorian Polonaise. Besides, I like the sleeves on the Truly Victorian pattern better.

Somehow, even with the Red Sushi Dress as the origin for my desire for a Victorian Polonaise, my first idea upon receiving this pattern was to make a mourning version. I just think it would look great in a black tonal jacquard or brocade, don't you?

As I said, I was really pleased and happy with these gifts, but I think my Sweetheart's comment said it best; he said with these patterns, Steampunk for me is definitely here to stay!

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