Thursday, December 30, 2010

'Tis better to give...

I love receiving costume-themed gift, you must know that by now; but I also love giving them! This year both my Sweetheart and Nancy-Raven got costumes from some of their favourite TV shows as Yule gifts.

Let’s Begin with Nancy-Raven’s present. Nancy-Raven loves vampire stories. We used to watch Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994) while drinking red wine coolers – the ones with 0.5% alcohol, nothing to get drunk on, it's practically a soda – even though our favourite one was lime-kiwi (green).

It will not surprise you then that she loves True Blood (2008 - ), both the Sookie Stackhouse books and the HBO hit TV series. So I (we) got her the Merlotte’s Waitress kit, which includes a T-shirt and pocketed apron with the fictitious bar’s logo. Everybody owns black shorts, or can find a pair at any store, so these are not included in the kit. She was really happy with it. Now I just have to get a picture of her wearing it. Oh, and I have to get myself one too!

On to my Sweetheart’s present(s). We are NCIS (2003) fans; my Sweetheart even has McGee’s shoes! (Okay, the truth is we one day noticed that he did, but he did not buy the shoes on purpose because of their resemblance). For years, he’s been asking for some Caf-Pow every time we watched the show, so as I was shopping for him, I discovered that the CBS store now sold a Caf-Pow cup for geeks like us!

NCIS Caf-Pow Big Gulp Cup

Since I was going to pay for shipping anyways, I figured I should get him more NCIS items.

NCIS Special Agent Jacket

I got him the windbreaker and cap (with perfectly curved tab).

NCIS Special Agents Hat

I also have to get a picture of him wearing this Very Special Agent look, holding his Caf-Pow cup. Bonus: he now has a costume to wear to go trooping with l’Alliance Impériale!

And now you know what Santa Costumeholic has been distributing to all the good little costumers.

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