Sunday, April 25, 2010

Project: Sherbet Striped English Dress – Tricorne

You might notice from the date that I was supposed to be done with this project yesterday, yet here I am with another progress report. Something(s) came up: Nancy-Raven wasn't free to do a photo shoot after all and I had a small emergency to attend to (nothing bad, I assure you). So since the limit to enter the contest is April 30th, I let my Sweetheart convince me to take another week and have a smaller photo shoot in the back yard. I’m almost done, really, but a few extra days can only be a good thing.

In the mean time, here is the Tricorne, which I made last night.

Small Tricorne for the Sherbet Striped English Dress

The trim was machine sewn to the edge of the hat, but the tacks were done by hand.

I originally wanted to add a cockade, but I’m no longer sure. Maybe I should go for feathers instead… I watched Marie-Antoinette (2006) again yesterday and it seems all of the hats we see are decorated with ostrich feathers. I’ll see. Perhaps I’ll just leave it at that too.

Now the real question is how the heck am I going to stick it to my head; where will I stick the pins? Hum…

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