Sunday, April 18, 2010

My new toy: The Ruffler Foot

I got myself a new toy: a ruffler foot for my sewing machine (it also does gathers). You see, when planning my Sherbet Striped English Gown, I decided I wanted a ruffled trim instead of a gathered one. Besides, I’ve been looking for an excuse to get more specialized equipment for sewing and costuming.

Here is what the ruffled trim looks like:

Ruffled trim for Sherbet Striped English Gown

I used 24 mm wide gros grain ribbon in purple and 12 mm gros grain in green. I had to sew them together before ruffling them because, it didn’t stay straight otherwise. The result is a ruffled stripped trim to match the dress fabric.

By the way, if you are interested in getting specialty feet for your sewing machine, I suggest you shop around. Originally, I had gone to a local Singer store (the one situated in
Centre Laval), hoping to get the actual Singer part, but I they had the worst customer service I have ever seen. When I entered the store, an oldish (I wouldn’t dare to guess her age – I’m usually not that great at guessing people’s age), overweight woman (I'm being descriptive, not judgemental) was sitting in front of the counter, texting. When she realised I wasn’t leaving, after about 3 seconds, she sighed, straitened up, and ask in an annoyed tone if she could help me. I happily explained I wanted a ruffler foot. “Ruffler? Ruffler! What the heck is that” she barked. She then rose with difficulty, limped to the back of the counter, grabbed a ruffler foot from a display on the wall and threw it on the counter. “Is that it?”. I looked at it for a minute: it wasn’t a Singer brand, and the price was 45.99$ CAD (with Québec taxes, it would have cost me 51.91$ CAD). I guess I stared at it too long, because the lady said “Well are you going to take it?”, to which I answered politely that I was going to keep on shopping because I had seen some for much less. On this she concluded “Huh! Good luck!”.

I got mine for 20.75$ CAD, shipping included. The eBay store I bought it from, Gone Sewing Company, is well organized and I easily found what type would fit on my machine (thanks to good illustrations and exhaustive Model number lists). I received my part within 10 days, which is also quite decent. If you want to buy sewing machine parts of specialty feet, I recommend that seller.

As for the Singer store lady… well I have nothing polite to say, so I’ll leave it at that.


  1. Hopefully I never receive a bad service like that.With the price they sold the feet , the least Singer can do is offering a good service.

  2. She's a total... I know you'll complete this one fairly easy.

    I wish I could add things like that... but first of all I have to get myself a real sewing machine... not a cheap junk that demantibulate now and then. The incovenients of having too few revenue to spare it on that. But you see, I'm doing progress ! First, mannequin, then.... who knows ? :D

  3. Old sewing machines are not that bad: if I have to choose between using my very recent Singer Futura or my 40 year old Singer Stylist 522, I always go for the old one. Maybe your's just needs a little fixing.

    Sewing machines are like cars: they need oil and sometimes the timing belt needs to be replaced!

  4. That'S the thing... Mine is brand new ! but my mom paid it 75$ to me as a gift. I didn't have a say in that choice.

    I mean, I needed one since I moved away home, and she wanted to be nice, but still, it'S not worth it. It does the base, but the thread moves out often, etc.