Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Wishlist: Khâny the Vinéan

Everyone has a favourite of everything, right? Even comic books. My absolute favourite graphic novel is Yoko Tsuno by Roger Leloup. I read my first book (Les Titans, 1978) when I was eight (it also happens to be book #8 in the series) on my class's first trip to the school's library (I had just started at that school). Growing up a Trekkie, I love the space age science present in the story. I only own four of the books, but I have read most of them. One day I hope to complete my collection and have each and everyone of the albums on my book shelf.

A quick anecdote, after I had moved in with my Sweetheart, he saw my Yoko Tsuno books and ask if those were mine or his. Apparently, he had been a fan since he was a child too.

Khâny and Yoko Tsuno, Les Titans, Roger Leloup, 1978

Obviously, if I'm telling you all about this is because I would one day like to cosplay as one of the characters. As I don't look Japanese, have blond hair and look good with blue skin, I'm hoping to dress up as Khâny, the blue skinned woman from planet Vinéa. Although Vinean fashion always follows a certain style, the clothes worn by Vineans vary from one book to the next. The look I would like to go for is the one seen in La Forge de Vulcain (1973).

Yoko Tsuno, Khâny, Lhâna, Sylka and Poky, La Forge de Vulcain, p. 18, Roger Leloup, 1973.

For this costume, I will need:

  • A white turtleneck - Check
  • White leggings
  • A Lavender sleeveless tunic with a white band down the center front and center back
  • A violet belt with pockets
  • Violet gloves
  • Violet flat heeled boots with a white band down the front
  • A violet padded headband (worn on the back of Khâny's head). I could skip this and have a funky hairdo with braids instead to be a generic Vinean.
  • A Desintegrator: their weapon, which in the picture is the metallic box hanging from Lhâna and Sylka's belts. It has a scissor like attachment to it to direct the ray.
  • A Universal Translator: an orange headband with earpieces and crescent shaped antenna.
  • Snazaroo Face Paint in pale blue

Well, seeing as I only have one item on my list, this costume is not happening tomorrow. But maybe for a Comic-Con, I could get it ready. After all, it's not the most complicated pattern.

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