Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kimono Dress

Tonight is the Golden Globes; I can't wait to see all the pretty Red Carpet dresses. I promise to come back on them on Tuesday.

In the mean time, let's talk Evening Wear. I want to show you the work of Anna Niponica, an online store that transforms Kimono into dresses. After all, why wear a plain satin dress when you can show off in something that gorgeous! Plus, you know that in my mind Kimono equals costume.

This is what they do: they take an Uchikake or Furisode (recommended for dresses with trains because of the long hanging sleeves), they unfold it and press it before transforming it into a breathtaking gown.

Tube Top Mermaid Dress - Front

Tube Top Mermaid Dress - Back

If you don't have enough fabric, or if you like the look, satin can be used for the bodice.

Tube Top Flared Dress - Front

Tube Top Flared Dress - Back

A custom made dress like those cost over 2300$, and that excludes the price of the original Kimono, the shipping, and many options such as lining and the cute Obi bow in the back.

If you are a decent seamstress, you can always make your own. First, you'll need fabric: you can find a vintage Uchikake for 150$ (or you can pay a lot more).

Uchikake with Cranes and Pine Branches - Yamatoku Vintage Kimono, 270$

But if you are like me, you could never conceive of harming such a beautiful piece (especially at that price!). So I suggest another option: Kimono fabric. Some online stores, such as Kimono Flea Market Ichiroya, sell kimono fabric on bolts.

Graceful Flying Crane Pattern Silk Bolt for Girl's Kimono - Kimono Flea Market Ichiroya, 78$

It probably won't be as embroidered and as patterned, but at least cutting it won't break your heart. Do keep in mind when thinking of the pattern for your evening gown that Kimono Fabric is only 36 cm wide. Length can vary: for a girls kimono, you will find bolts of 8 metres to 10 metres of fabric, where as and adult kimono fabric bolt can have 13 metres of material. Be sure to check this before you order.

Definitely, when I'm nominated for Best Costume at the Academy Awards (or another important Red Carpet Award event), that's what I'll make myself. Guess I have a few years to wait then.


  1. Wow!I never thought to do this with a kimono.The result is amazing.Wow!

  2. I want oneeeee !!!!!!

    My own list gets longer....