Monday, November 9, 2009

Movie Monday: Gone With The Wind

Next Saturday, November 14, at 11:00, there will be a special HD presentation of one of the greatest movies of all time (meaning about the last 115 years really, since cinematography was officially invented in 1895): I'm talking about Gone with the Wind (1939).

Scarlett O'Hara's costumes are classics! They have been copied for TV shows and made it into Barbie's wardrobe.

Of course, I have my favorites. First of is the Green Drapery Dress.

Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara, Gone with the Wind (1939)

Here is a better view:

The Green Drapery Dress, Gone with the Wind (1939)

Because I love it so much, and for when I decide to make it, I have in my collection of patterns the following Butterick:

Butterick 4051

I know, I know Mom. Again with the green velvet. To this I respond with the BBQ dress:

Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara, Gone with the Wind (1939)

It's pretty, light and floral. And I already have the hat.

And the pattern:

McCall's 3597

So now all I'm missing is the fabric, the money and the time, and I'm good to go. Oh wait, those are important details. Darn.

If you would like more information about the Gone with the Wind costumes (and more pictures), visit The Costumer's Guide to Movie Costumes - Gone with the Wind or Scarlett Online.

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