Friday, September 25, 2009

Costumes on Television: Ghost Whisperer's Opening Credits

Yeah! The new season of Ghost Whisperer (2005) begins tonight. I could talk about the generally Vintage look of the main character, Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt), but I'd rather talk about the opening credits.

Seriously, after five years, I still get chills while watching the opening credits. It is like a very well made
experimental film all on its own (trust me, I took a class in University on the subject - do not get me started on Window Water Baby Moving (1962) or Kenneth Anger). Let's watch it together, shall we?

Around 0:08, we see these creme coloured free standing clothes with light blue feather wings. Do you know what I mean?

(Sorry I couldn't get a clearer picture.)

Ever since the first season, it has inspired me the crazy plan of making a Victorian ghost costume by making a jacket and draped bustle skirt out of draping muslin (greige cotton cloth).

These are the patterns I would think of using (either these or something similar):

Truly Victorian #400 - 1871 Day Bodice
(Top left view, with a modified collar)

Truly Victorian #290 - 1889 Draped Skirt
(Did I ever mention my love of Bustle gowns?)

Yep, that one definitely goes on my Wishlist! (But it's not Wednesday! Oh well, I'm bending traditions a little today.)

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