Thursday, August 27, 2009

National Costumes on Miss Universe 2009 Pageant

Let's make something clear: I don't agree with the concept of Beauty Pageants. I think a person needs more in life than just a pretty face and an artificial smile. (Like a brain maybe?). I may be generalizing here, and exaggerating, but it's my opinion on the matter (and it's my blog, so heck!).

Having said that, I do sometimes watch
Toddlers & Tiaras (while frowning at the idea) because those sequined puffy dresses are so cute. And while flipping the channels, I did come across Miss Universe. I don't know if it's a new thing, but they had a National Costume category that yielded some pretty interesting costumes, so I thought I'd feature a few (sometimes accompanied by my usual witty repartee).

Note: To see the costumes of the participants from all 80 countries,
follow this link. Also, do know that I hate it when after a red carpet, people bash on the celebrities' dresses, so I will not be doing that here. All of the costumes presented in this post have my admiration and appreciation (except for the last one).

National Costume winner - Miss Panama (Diana Broce)

I do love Carnival costumes, and this one was indeed impressive.

National Costume 2nd place - Miss Nicaragua (Indiana Sanchez)

I'm not personally too fond of this one, but I must admit the mask skirt is an impressive piece of craftsmanship.

National Costume 3rd place - Miss Thailand (Chutima Durongdej)

This one does have a certain "Thai Barbie" feel to it, but with a modern twist.

And now, in no particular order, a dozen I liked:

Miss Ukraine (Kristina Kots-Gotlib)

She is either an Ice Queen, a Mythical Bird or a Silver Fish. Which ever it is, I like it!

Miss Singapore (Rachel Kum)

What a beautiful Orchid Dress; she seemed straight out of Alice in Wonderland!

Miss Great Britain (Clair Cooper)

Inspired by another Alice in Wonderland, The Queen of Hearts meets the Union Jack. "Off with their heads!" Should we say, Gods save us from the Queen?

Miss Russia (Sofia Rudyeva)

Now we have a Nutcracker! (It is actually a reference to Tsar Nikolai II.)

Miss Netherlands (Avalon-Chanel Weyzig)

This is great! What better way to represent Netherlands than with a windmill? Kudos to her!

Miss India (Ekta Chowdhry)

I love Saris and Indian ladies' outfits, so I'm glad this one looked glitz, yet traditional.

Miss Germany (Martina Lee)

Originally, I thought this was Miss Greece as a Goddess in front of a temple, but it turns out it represents Brandenburg Gate. Still a great way to dress up as a building.

Miss France (Chloe Mortaud)

That's the way to represent France: with a French Can-Can! She's having a blast; good for her!

Miss El Salvador (Mayella Mena)

I have a thing for Peacock Dresses...

Miss Egypt (Elham Wagdi)

Isis in person. Besides, Turquoise and Gold: what's not to love!

Miss China (Wang Jingyao)

Not my cup of tea, but you've got to admire her for stepping out of the box and going for something way different from what everybody else wears!

Miss Cayman Islands (Nicosia Lawson)

Love the headdress: it reminds me of fireworks.

Miss Bahamas (Kiara Sherman)

I'll say it again: I love carnival costumes, and this one is impressive!

Miss Universe Winner, Miss Venezuela (Stefania Fernandez)

This costume reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. I don't know what it has to do with Miss Venezuela, but it's a lovely way to make a classic movie costume look very 21st century.

Miss Canada (Mariana Valente)

Now that you've seen all these awesome costumes, when you see Miss Canada I bet you think just like me: What the heck? I know, Canada is a youngish country, we don't have an elaborate national costume, but a purple sequined bathing suit and vinyl boots? Seriously? Purple??? I don't get it. I'm glad to say I am Québécoise so I can disassociate myself from this. My dear Mariana, I do not wish to offend you, but please, do explain the concept.

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