Saturday, August 15, 2009

Anticipation Masquerade Photos

It's too hot for me to think of anything right now. I have barely thought of costumes today (No, I'm not sick, just hot), except for maybe a fleeting idea about a 50's dress. But I'm not complaining! After all, summer comes but one week a year ;).

Do not despair my faithful readers, I still have a little something for you: photos from the Anticipation Masquerade! I wasn't the one who took them (how could I, I wasn't there!), but Christine Mak was kind enough to post hers here. I have to say, I am impressed with the level of workmanship demonstrated in all of the costumes, and I love that there are both reproductions and original creations. If I have to name my favorite of the lot, it's definitely the “Twilight of the Gods” group, which, according to The SF Site, won Best Presentation in the Masters class.

Twilight of the Gods by Lisa Ashton, Eric Brine, Maral Agnerian, Anakin Michelle, Serge Mailloux and Sabrina Vocaturo

That is all I'll write in this heat. Enjoy the pictures!

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