Thursday, August 13, 2009

Costumes on Television: Merlin (BBC)

Do you remember when television was not all about so called "Reality TV"? When Primetime was not synonymous with American Idol or So you think you can Dance? I miss those days. Still, I do manage to find a few interesting TV shows to watch, and even better, shows with costumes!

My Sunday night line-up now includes Merlin (BBC). Oh sure, it is a fantasy with absolutely no historical content and the story is a far cry from the original, but it's nice, and again, it's got costumes!

Morgana and Gwen (Merlin - BBC)

Now as you might guess, my favorite characters are Morgana and Gwen (although I'm having a little trouble with the idea that Gwen is a black serving girl - I'm not a racist, far from it, but Guinevere means fair skinned so...)

Morgana (Merlin - BBC)

I do have a preference for Morgana's outfits as most of them are blue, purple and green. (You've guessed it, "watery" colours for me!) It makes me want to make a medieval-fantasy dress out of this teal crushed velour I have quantities of and make a faux-fur* sleeveless coat to go with it. Basically, something that would probably look like Nancy-Raven's Mist of Avalon dress.

(*I have three metres of this faux-fur in "The Stash" that was originally bought to use as trim on my houppelande, but I ended up buying another colour of fur that matched better; I then planned to use it to make a bed spread, but now I'm not so sure...)

Morgana (Merlin - BBC)

In one episode, Morgana wears some sort of "Battle Outfit". What's interesting is the necklace: I've seen a similar one in a magazine lately that was by Rosemary Hedges (and in general, pectoral necklaces are In). This is a case of Fashion in Costumes (although technically, pectoral necklaces are inspired by the Ancient Egyptians' costume, so it could also be considered Costume in Fashion; depends which way you look at it - one might say it's even Costume in Fashion in Costume... OK, I'll go to get some sleep now).

Note to self: I must get one of these necklaces for the day I decide to reproduce this costume.

Edit: I found a similar one at Forever21. It's far from perfect, but at least I can afford it!


  1. You'll be surprised, but what I saw from this tv show, I didn't like. I'm very picky on anything concerning arthurian legends.

  2. No, I understand. My Sweatheart can't bare to watch it either; being a historian, this is all way too far fetched for him.

  3. Hey there!
    WOW! You sound just like me! I love making costumes and making excues to wear them! It really gets on my sisters nerves! You should check out my blogspot or my freewebs !!

  4. *sigh* i wish i could get decent photos of the costumes... eg nimueh

  5. Alex=If you like the idea of finding events you can goto wear this kind of costume. There is a full size fantasy medieval town in Canada. You can go there for a weeks festival vacation. You get to live out a character like out of 'Merlin' and 'The game' its works a little like one of those 'Mystery Weekends' but includes battles too. Saying that you don't have to fight if you don't want too. Here is a video trailer of it.

    Anymore quiestions email is here

  6. Dear Alex,
    I did go to Bicolline once, and I was extremely disappointed. It is a party for the drunken who dress up and hit each other with foam swords. It was poorly organized, and if you didn't want to fight, there was nothing to do but walk aimlessly around, or drink.
    No really, I'd rather go to Pennsic.

  7. Hey, I LOVE Morgana's costumes, and have looked EVERYWHERE to find exact replicas and it is disappointing to say none were found. Where do you think I could get some?

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  9. Yes, you are a racist. Your comment, "I'm having a little trouble with the idea that Gwen is a black serving girl" is unnerving and unnecessary. It had nothing to do with the lovely gowns that Guinevere wears on the show that indicate her rise in stature. I am particularly entranced by her coronation and red velvet gowns. Angel Coulby is a beautiful actress and she portrays Guinevere with elegance and grace.